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Best Hockey Stick for Wrist Shots (Updated 2022-23)

hockey sticks

Below is a list I made for the best hockey sticks to get the most out of your wrist shots.

Not only do I give you my preferred sticks, but I break down all available options based on price category. 

For this discussion, I've only provided examples of composite one-piece sticks, which is the most common type used in today's game.

This includes both professionals and amateurs alike.

Typically, the most expensive sticks are lighter in weight made of the most innovative materials.

Each company has their own proprietary manufacturing process for making their sticks robust. They even offer a 30-day warranty should the stick break through normal usage.

I include the stick technology in each of the descriptions for those interested.

List of Best Hockey Stick for Wrist Shots

Which hockey stick should you buy? 

Whether you shop for a hockey stick online or at the store, you’re presented with a large variety of options.

I know this because I’ve done a breakdown of comparable brands most popular in the industry. See my blog post about it here to learn more.

In the related blog post, I separated the sticks based on their kick point, which has an impact on wrist shots.

I've isolated and updated these specific models (for wrist shots) in the paragraphs just below.

In fact, there are two elements to selecting a stick to improve your wrist shot: low kick point and low stick flex.

Keep in mind that the lower the stick flex value, the more the stick arcs (making it more flexible).

And, essentially, you’re looking for a stick that arcs during the release of your shot. 

The greater the arc, the more power generated prior to shooting the puck.

Advantages of a Flexible Stick

Hockey Sticks with a lower stick flex (more flexible) and a low kickpoint generate a great deal of power on shot release. 

As a result, not only will the puck propel more forcefully on the follow through, but puck release is also much quicker.

Just remember - hard shot, quick release.

Disadvantages of a Flexible Stick

There are a few disadvantages to hockey sticks with higher flexibility and lower kick point. 

The trade-off for a more powerful wrist shot is a weaker slap shot.  

But keep in mind that players will take a wrist shot or snap shot more often than a slapshot. 

If you don’t believe me, check out my analysis here about administered shot types at the NHL level.

Furthermore, there is a possibility for the stick shaft to snap. 

While every stick reaches its eventual demise, I’ve seen them last anywhere from a couple of months to over two years. 

The shaft is usual culprit, with the stick blade being a close second place.

Lastly, if you’re used to a stiffer shaft, there is a small adjustment period to getting used to the whippier feel.

But ever since I made the change to a lower flex, I have trouble with the stiffer sticks.

List of Best Hockey Stick for Wrist Shots

1. My Two Preferred Selections

While the recommendations I provided below are not for the most expensive stick, they do appear in the high end category (Super Lightweight models).

FYI, I've played hockey since an early age and currently play both for an amateur, organized league and university intramurals.

CCM RIBCOR Trigger 7 Pro 

ccm ribcor trigger 7 pro

Released in 2022




Nanolite Carbon Layering

Flex (Available In)

70, 75, 85, 95

Blade Curve

P29 or P40

Intro Price

$339.99 USD


warrior covert QR5 Pro

Released in 2022




RLC 188

Flex (Available In)

65, 75, 85, 100

Blade Curve


Intro Price

$299.99 USD

2. Super Lightweight I

ModelTRUE HZRDUS PX GripAG5NT Grip (Limited Edition)Hyperlite GriptacTRUE HZRDUS 9X GripTrigger 7 ProQR5 Pro Grip
Weight (@60 inches)345g335g385g375g380g395g
MaterialPrecision Laminate DesignBoron, DuraFlex Resin, Carbon FiberBoron, DuraFlex Resin, Carbon FiberCarbon FiberNanolite Carbon LayeringR.L.C. 188
Flex (Available In)65, 75, 85, 9570, 77, 8770, 77, 87, 10265, 75, 85, 9570, 75, 85, 9565, 75, 85, 100
Price (USD)$359.99$359.99$339.99$339.99$339.99$299.99

3. Super Lightweight II

ModelTrigger 7QR5 20 GripElement One GripTRUE HZRDUS 7X Grip3X Pro Grip
Weight (@60 inches)415g425g390g390g410g
MaterialAdvanced Carbon MatrixR.L.C. 155Carbon Nanotube TechnologyAxcenic One-Piece, Precision Laminate DesignTeXtreme
Flex (Available In)70, 75, 85, 9565, 75, 85, 10065, 75, 85, 9565, 75, 85, 9570, 77, 87
Price (USD)$339.99$299.99$259.99$229.99$219.99

4. Lightweight I

ModelElement Pro Grip3X GripElement TwoQR5 30 GripTRUE HZRDUS 3X Grip
Weight (@60 inches)422g430g433g435g445g
MaterialBlackLine Carbon FiberUD Carbon FiberBlackLine Carbon FiberR.L.C. 133Carbon Fiberglass
Flex (Available In)65, 75, 85, 9570, 77, 8765, 75, 85, 9565, 75, 85, 10065, 75, 85, 95
Price (USD)$139.99$159.99$139.99$159.99$139.99

5. Lightweight II

Model86KX3.7 Grip
Weight (@60 inches)460g450g
MaterialCarbonHP Mold
Flex (Available In)75, 8577, 87
Price (USD)$129.99$129.99

Which hockey stick should you buy?

My recommendation is to select one of the sticks listed based on your playing experience.

If you’re new to hockey, look no further than the best value or budget brands. You can go with the CCM Ribcor 86K model.

While these sticks are relatively heavier than the top models, they provide the same feel when it comes to flexibility and kick point.

For the more competitive hockey players, consider the higher end models if it’s well within your budget.

I’ve tried many brands of hockey sticks, but the one I keep coming back to is the CCM, especially the Ribcor Collection.

hockey stick blade curves

I’ve also had great experience with the Warrior sticks as well.

To figure which stick flex to choose from, you’ll need to take your weight in lbs and divide by 2.

For example, I’m 160 lbs and I fall right in between two flex options with a score of 80 (160/2).

My choices are between a stick with 75 or 85 flex, but I prefer now the 75-flex option.

It’s been my preferred stick flex for the last three years.

Personally, it’s because my shot release is simply much quicker.

Height Factor in Stick Flex

Just keep in mind that height also plays a factor in stick flex. In my case, I lose some flexibility because I must cut the stick.

Note that I’m 5’7 or 168cm in height. 

If you’re taller than me, you might feel more comfortable with the 85-flex option.

Finding the perfect hockey stick for you is a matter of trial and error. You’ll never know how comfortable it feels until its battle tested in a game.

Lastly, you’ll be asked to select your blade curve. For CCM, I prefer either the P40 (MacKinnon) or P29 (Crosby) curves.

They allow for shooting seamlessly and proper stick handling. I’d say these are two of the most common blade curves sold on the market today.

For a comparative chart across all brands, make sure to check out the following link.

Final Thoughts

Let me know what your favorite stick model is.

Is there a brand you think stands out more than the others? I’m always open to testing out something new and give you my feedback.

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.