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Replace ​​​​missing roster players

As Captain, searching for subs shouldn't be a full-time job. Find nearby players up until start time with Gaimday.

Why search for subs with Gaimday?

Fill spots quickly 

Send out Invites or get Requests to play from subs. Post spots on a first-come, first-served basis or even pay subs to play.

Match skill set 

Replace missing roster players with subs of verified equal calibre*.

*Rated by verified Gaimday leagues and other team captains.

Get paid for subs

Sign up for FREE and earn money per charged sub. Collect 75% of proceeds with our Premium upgrade option.

How to find subs with Gaimday

Gaimday Captain

1. Create team game

Set the date, time and venue location. You can make changes to the game settings (i.e. venue type, surface) if needed.

2. Add open spot

Select the position of the player you will be replacing. You can choose whether to charge or pay the sub to come play.

3. Search for subs

Send out invites to several subs to fill spots as quickly as possible. You never have to worry about double-booking, Gaimday has you covered.

Who are Gaimday subs?

Gaimday subs are a combination of your friends and amateur players near you. We encourage league organizers and captains to rate subs anonymously with the goal of verifying their skill levels and to create a scouting report for subsequent teams.

Connect with friends

You can search and connect with existing friends to grow your inner circle. You can even share your open spots on other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger. If users tap on the shared link, the Gaimday app will open directly to that spot for instant booking.

Meet new players

Gaimday provides you with a list of available subs in your area. Search for players that meet your skill requirements, user rating and more. Use Gaimday when your go-to friends are not available.