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Sub for teams 
in need

Fill in for missing roster players. Find teams that require your skill set for each sport.

Why sub with Gaimday?

Maximize your chances to play

Make several requests to play without concern for booking spots that overlap.

Spots on demand

No need to wait for a response with “Book Now!” spots, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Play the games you want

Filter by favourite sport(s), distance to venue and skill qualification. Sub for teams that meet your requirements.

How to sub with Gaimday

Gaimday Player
1. Send requests to play

You can send 10+ concurrent requests to play. Gaimday will prevent you from double-booking if two or more games overlap.

2. Accept invites

Teams can also see your sport profile and send you invitations to play. You’ll receive push notifications when invited.

3. Book Now!

Book spots on a first-come, first-served basis for teams that don’t have time to search player lists.

4. Get paid to play

Get paid by teams in urgent need of subs. Option available only to Premium players or verified League Captains (for the duration of season).

Who are Gaimday leagues & captains?

Our leagues are amateur sports organizations located in your communities. Gaimday actively contacts league organizers to prove their authenticity and earn a verification badge.  Look for open spots with the verified badge next to each league name. These leagues, in turn, can verify individual team captains to create a community of trustworthy users.

We want subs to feel at ease when they go play for our teams. If your playing experience is ever less than stellar, please contact Gaimday with your concern. 

Also, please review our policy for permissible sports venues.